Microsoft Edge Copilot: Changing the Way We Browse the Internet


Microsoft Copilot is one of the most popular Generative AI tools in the world, known for answering questions, creating engaging content, and even generating realistic images and songs. But within Microsoft Edge, Copilot offers a range of unique features that make it stand out. Let’s dive into four remarkable abilities that are exclusive to Microsoft Edge Copilot. To access Copilot just open edge and click the Copilot logo in the top right corner.


1. Smart Web Helper

Microsoft Edge Copilot is like having a clever assistant for your browsing. It understands the content of any webpage or PDF you’re viewing, making your online experience smoother. With Copilot, you can quickly get summaries of web pages and documents, so you don’t have to read everything word for word. It also highlights key points and references the sources of the information, helping you find what you need faster.

For example, if you’re researching for a project, Copilot can pull out the main ideas from multiple articles and PDFs, saving you a ton of time. Or, if you’re reading a long document, it can pinpoint the crucial sections so you can focus on what matters most. Just ask what you need to know.

To use Copilot, simply open Microsoft Edge and start browsing as usual. When you’re on a webpage or viewing a PDF, Copilot will automatically offer to summarize the content or highlight key points. Once you see how much easier it makes your browsing, you’ll likely want to keep it on!


2. Simple Browser Actions

First off let’s dive into the world of browser actions with Copilot for Edge! Ever wanted to change your default browser or find a webpage you once visited. Try these browser action prompts for easy navigation.

  1. Web Search: Just like a personal research assistant, Copilot can scour the web for you. Just say, “Search for the latest news on climate change.”
  2. Translation: No need for a language dictionary when you have Copilot. Try, “Translate ‘Hello, how are you?’ to Spanish.”
  3. Code Assistance: Stuck on a coding problem? Copilot is here to help. Ask, “Help me write a JavaScript function to sort an array.”
  4. Reading Assistance: Tired eyes? Let Copilot read out the webpage for you. Just ask, “Read out the text from this webpage.”
  5. Navigation: Travel the web with ease. Tell Copilot, “Navigate to the Microsoft official website.”
  6. Bookmark Management: Keep your favorite pages organized. Say, “Add this page to my bookmarks.”
  7. Browser Mode: Quickly switch between light and dark mode. Say: “Turn on dark mode”
  8. History: Need to clear your history. Say “Clear my history and cache”

And there you have it! A quick tour of the tasks you can perform with Copilot for Edge. Remember, these are just examples. Feel free to modify these prompts according to your needs. Happy browsing!


3. Organise Your Open Tabs: Eliminate the Mess

If you’re like me, you probably have way too many tabs open at once. It can get overwhelming pretty quickly. This is where Microsoft Edge Copilot comes in like a smart assistant for your tabs, helping you stay organized and boosting your productivity.

With Copilot, you can easily manage your tabs by simply typing in a prompt. For example, if you type “Group My Tabs,” Copilot will automatically sort your open tabs into neat groups based on categories like topic, website, or importance level.

Imagine you have a bunch of tabs open for a research project. With Copilot, you can quickly sort these tabs into organized groups, making it much easier to find what you need without getting lost in a sea of tabs. This keeps your workspace tidy and helps you switch between tasks smoothly.

Microsoft Edge Copilot: Tab Organisation


4. Use Edge Copilot to Summarize YouTube Videos

We’ve talked a lot about written content, but video content is just as important these days. A big part of what we watch online is video, and Edge Copilot can help by summarizing these videos for you. Most videos now have transcripts or captions, so Copilot can pull out the main points for you.

For example, I recently watched a YouTube video co-hosted by MVP Drew Madelung about Microsoft Teams Ownership. I used Copilot to summarize the key points, and it made understanding the video so much easier. Copilot’s ability to distill the essence of videos is a game-changer for keeping up with all the video content out there.



Microsoft Edge Copilot is changing the game for how we interact online, offering amazing new features right in your browser. From summarizing web pages and documents to helping with content creation and even navigating video content, Copilot can do it all. While it’s not perfect, Copilot’s role in digital innovation is clear. If you want to learn more about the extended features of Copilot throughout the Microsoft ecosystem, click here.

By tapping into the unique powers of Microsoft Edge Copilot, you can boost your productivity and creativity like never before. So why not start exploring today and see how Edge Copilot can transform your digital experience?