Unleashing Outlook: A Comprehensive Guide to Increasing Productivity

Microsoft Outlook is an essential aspect of many of our everyday work routines. It provides a central location for email, calendar, and task management. There are, however, specific lesser-known tools and shortcuts that can dramatically boost your productivity. Let’s look at these tools and see how they may be used in the Outlook desktop and Outlook Web programs (OWA).


Polls: Making Decisions Made Easier

Did you know that you can quickly create a global poll in Outlook? This tool is accessible in the desktop app and OWA and is an excellent method for gathering feedback or making group decisions quickly.

Select Insert > Poll to insert a general poll in the email composing box. You can add your question and alternatives before sending it. Responses are automatically collected; the results can be displayed directly in the email thread.


Polls for Meeting Scheduling: Simplifying Meeting Coordination

Scheduling polls function similarly to general polls. However, they are used to determine meeting schedules. You provide several possibilities, the recipients vote, and the meeting is scheduled based on the most popular time slot.

When you create a meeting in the desktop app, you may access the feature by selecting the ‘Add a poll for a meeting note’ option. You can utilise the ‘FindTime’ add-in with OWA.


Keyboard Shortcuts for Quick Navigation

Keyboard shortcuts are productivity’s hidden weapon. They provide faster navigation and might save you much time. Some useful shortcuts are:

Ctrl + N: Create a New Email
Ctrl + Shift + K: Create New Task
Reply (Ctrl + R)
Reply All (Ctrl + Shift + R)


Sending Delay: Timely Communication

This option comes in handy when you want to write an email now but send it later. It’s accessible via the desktop app’s Options tab in the composition window. Select ‘Delay Delivery’ and enter a day and time for sending the email. It can also be found in the Online Web App y clicking the arrow next to Send and selecting Scheduled Send.


Snooze: Postponing Emails for Later

The Snooze feature in OWA allows you to temporarily clear an email from your inbox, only to have it reappear at a later time. It’s an excellent tool for regulating your email flow according to schedule.


Ignore: Organise Your Inbox

The Ignore option prevents you from receiving follow-up emails on a thread, which helps you manage your inbox clutter. Both the desktop app and OWA have this capability. You can enable it by clicking the ‘Ignore’ button on the Home tab.

These tools and features are intended to increase your productivity in Outlook. Don’t let these treasures pass you by. Give them a shot right now!