As we transition to the digital world and do a lot of work that is dependent on technology, it is highly essential that we have a good backup strategy for any issues that might occur. In our previous blog, we have discussed what is a backup and listed several benefits of having a good backup solution. Let us know backup a little more about backup by understanding its different types. 

Here are three common types of backup: 

Full Backup 

This is the most complete and comprehensive type of backup. As the name suggests, this type takes full copies of all the data in another location. The advantage of doing this is that you will have a complete copy of all your data, and it will make restorations easier. However, depending on the size of the data you are copying, it might take a long time to complete the full backup. And you must also ensure enough storage space in another location to save all data. 

Incremental Backup 

With an incremental backup, you are only backing up the data that has been changed since the last backup. This can be done as often as needed and will take lesser storage space and time. However, with this type, the data recovery will take longer. 

Differential Backup 

This type of backup is like doing an incremental backup during the first time this is done. The difference is that moving forward will involve backing up all the data that has been created or changes made since the last full backup. This will take up more space and time than doing an incremental backup, but less than a full backup. 

Many companies already have backup solutions, but they sometimes encounter problems when they try to restore them. This may be because the strategy they have is not the right fit for them or that it isn’t done correctly. It is also important to understand when and what to backup, where to store and what is the right solution for you. 

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