Scribe AI simplifies documentation



Today, we highlight Scribe AI, a new AI tool revolutionising the traditional and often time-consuming chore of writing corporate documentation.


Making Documentation Easier


Process documentation is critical for firms, but it can be a difficult and time-consuming effort. Enter Scribe AI, a solution developed to automate this necessary business process and drastically cut person-hours spent on it.

Scribe AI develops bespoke, step-by-step tutorials and detailed process documentation that properly correspond with your company’s operations using modern AI technology.


Documentation Creation Made Simple


The Scribe AI dashboard is simple to use. Once you’ve joined and installed the browser extension, the tool is ready to capture your operations with a button.


Here’s how it works:


  1. Select “Start Capture” from the Scribe browser extension.
  2. Carry out the tasks you want to document. This could be browsing specific documents, doing particular activities, or performing system functions.
  3. Stop the capture after you’re finished. Scribe AI will then generate precise, step-by-step documentation of your task.
  4. This automated documentation procedure, which includes photographs of your screen and activities, saves time that would otherwise be spent on manual documentation.


Document Sharing and Exporting


Scribe AI also makes it easier to share documentation throughout your organisation. The created documents can be transferred directly via email or exported for wider dissemination.

Click “Export” and select your preferred format (for example, PDF), and Scribe AI will prepare the document for download. You can then upload it to your company’s SharePoint, network drive, or any other repository where your data are stored.

Finally, Scribe AI is a simple application that allows you to record and streamline your company’s documentation process. The efficiency it provides can save substantial amounts of time, increasing the overall productivity of your organisation. Try Scribe AI to reap the benefits of AI-assisted process documentation.