Today’s businesses are forced to adopt digital transformations at an unprecedented pace. The process can prove to be difficult even for the most tech-savvy of companies. Companies have to spend a lot of time identifying technologies and identifying the path of digital adoption in a way that will benefit the objectives of their business. Additionally, companies have to plan on how they will invest on performing pre-deployment tests, the deployment of the tech itself and the support services such as managed IT services,
As we have seen throughout this process, most companies do not consider one the most integral piece of the puzzle during the planning phase or after deployment is done….. the human workforce. As a business, it must be ensured that the technology chosen for your organisation will fit the purpose of the company, improve the current capacity, and be user-friendly.


Different from the digital technology element, the human-workforce does not switch off or stop to be maintained or updated. It takes time to train people on how to use the new technology and ensure they understand how their operations at work are going to be improved.


When we look at the 2017 Australian SMB study, half of the respondents cited that the major challenge that was impeding digital adoption was “change management.” Additionally, the studies predicted that in 2018, 60% of the digital services will have a lower adoption.


So, how can we prepare our businesses for this challenge?


5 ways to improve the adoption of digital transformation


Preparation of Training Videos


If we look at the current training environment, videos are becoming a reliable medium for learning and sharing information in a way that is easy to absorb and understand. According to various independent researches, it has been concluded that the presentation of information in video format is retained 10 times more, compared to presenting information in a text format. Since using digital services requires hands-on experience, training videos bridge that gap.


Keep Staff Appraised of Current Developments


It is important for management to stay updated with the challenges the employees face on a day to day basis on the struggles of using the digital technologies deployed in the company. The management team needs to ensure that the staff can learn and benefit from the capabilities and features of the new technology.


Conduct ‘Blitz days’ Regularly


We are now working harder and handling a lot more tasks than ever before. This makes it hard for prioritisation and getting the right balance between projects that are critical and those that are important. This is where blitz days becomes crucial because it helps us to focus on certain actions that are related to the digital transformation, e.g.executing marketing/account/sales/management campaigns. When we ensure that our staff is devoted to using the new digital tools regularly, we will help discontinue less productive patterns in our companies and embrace new tools.


Train Employees Regularly


Any company that is using digital services at the core of the company operations needs to take scheduled training session very seriously because it allows employees to ask all sorts of questions and share experiences as we go along. This will help management to understand the patterns of behavior in addition identify areas that need improvement.


Create Incentives on the Usage of Technologies Using KPIs


Organisations need to ensure that we succeed with the four tips listed above. In case we do not succeed, why shouldn’t we make the process more interesting by creating incentives for employees who use the deployed technology to reach certain milestones? KPIs which is the right word for the term is what will ensure that our teams adopt technologies over time.


There are quite a number of apps have been launched over the years to help people track their goals and projects, while at the same time drifting people from using email. To enable staff change to the desired application, we only need to offer incentives to the staff members who used the email the least during the month.
Technology is always changing, and it will always continue to improve. The true potential of technology can only be seen when its potential is uncovered.
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