Microsoft Edge Unleashes Productivity Potential

Your online browser, which is frequently a tool that was chosen long ago and remains unmodified, can play an unexpectedly important part in your productivity. Today, we showcase Microsoft Edge, a tool that has revolutionised browsing with features to improve efficiency and performance.



Enhancements to Performance

Significant performance improvements are one of the most important innovations Edge brings. Browsers are renowned memory hogs in today’s digital age, consuming substantial computing resources and potentially slowing down performance.

Edge’s creative solution is a function that puts unwanted tabs to sleep, saving memory. Edge uses only roughly 30% of the resources popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox do, leaving a surplus of performance capability accessible for your work.


Productivity-boosting Features

If you use Office 365 services at work, Microsoft Edge lets you connect your work profile to your browser. This integration creates a more integrated digital workspace by seamlessly transitioning between your browsing activities and Office 365 capabilities.


Quick Search

The rapid search functionality in Edge is a basic yet effective tool. This tool allows you to search while keeping your current tab open, avoiding switching between tabs or opening new ones for rapid lookups.


Integration with Outlook

Microsoft Edge now connects with Outlook, allowing you to access your emails from within your browser. This function eliminates the need to switch between your browser and email client regularly, saving up screen space and streamlining your digital workspace.

Furthermore, when you open a link directly from an email, the contents of the email are displayed alongside the webpage, improving your navigation efficiency.


Creating Apps from Websites

Do you visit certain websites frequently? These websites can be installed as applications in Edge. After a simple installation, you may pin these online apps to your taskbar or start menu for quick and easy access.


Importing Data For customers migrating from other browsers, Edge offers an easy way to transfer data from Google Chrome, Firefox, or the largely defunct Internet Explorer. This import functionality ensures you can access your bookmarks and browsing history while switching to Edge, preserving your browsing convenience.

Finally, Microsoft Edge improves productivity by enhancing performance, integrating seamlessly with Office 365 products, and giving unique browsing experiences. Give it a shot and see how much of a difference it may make in your daily productivity.