Harnessing the Potential of ChatGPT’s Custom Instructions



AI is constantly improving, and with the addition of ‘Custom Instructions’ to ChatGPT’s beta capabilities, tailoring your AI helper has never been easier. This post will walk you through understanding, activating, and adequately utilising this game-changing tool to improve your AI experience.


What exactly are Custom Instructions?

ChatGPT, a highly capable Large Language Model, can understand and execute natural language instructions. Users can use the ‘Custom Instructions’ functionality to insert instructions and information into ChatGPT that will be persistent throughout all talks. The AI will constantly evaluate these instructions in every interaction, just as a set of user-defined guidelines.

Consider writing your rules, similar to Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics, to tailor ChatGPT to your preferences. You can use ‘Custom Instructions’ to guarantee that ChatGPT always understands essential information about you, such as your job or the tasks you commonly need it to accomplish. You can even set restrictions and define the AI’s personality, providing limitless customisation options.


How to Enable and Use ChatGPT Custom Instructions

You must be a ChatGPT Plus subscription to enjoy this beta feature. Here’s how to activate and use ‘Custom Instructions’ once you’ve signed up and logged in:

1. Select “Settings and Beta” from the three dots beside your name.
2. Select “Beta Features” from the side panel.
3. Tick the box next to “Custom Instructions” and dismiss the settings window.
4. Click the three dots again and choose “Custom instructions.”
5. Fill out the upper portion to provide ChatGPT with important information about yourself.
6. In the lower area, indicate how you want ChatGPT to respond, such as specifying a tone of voice or directing it not to reveal specific details.
7. Press the “save” button to save your instructions.

Your ‘Custom Instructions’ will now be applied to each new chat, providing a more seamless and personalised AI experience.


Making the Most of Custom Instructions

The ‘Custom Instructions’ option saves time by removing the need to repeat your preferences or information in each chat. Here are some instances of how different professionals could make use of this feature:

1. Business Leaders: Request that ChatGPT send you daily business news and aid you with scheduling.
2. Content Creators: Request that ChatGPT develop content ideas based on your niche and chosen writing style.
3. Marketers: Request appropriate marketing analytics from ChatGPT or brainstorm campaign ideas.
4. Startup Founders: Direct ChatGPT to provide business planning assistance for your industry.
5. Real Estate Agents: Request that ChatGPT provide regular real estate market developments updates.
6. HR Professionals: Request that ChatGPT assist with interview scheduling or provide HR policy assistance.

While this feature has performed well in trials, it is still in beta, and errors may arise. On the other hand, the ‘Custom Instructions’ feature brings ChatGPT one step closer to becoming a true AI-powered personal assistant, enhancing productivity, efficiency, and personalisation in every encounter.