Our memories, our experiences, our most valued moments all captured in a single frame. When I visit client’s houses or business I’m constantly asked the same question, how do I back up my photos automatically and make sure they are safe? So…. How do we ensure we keep these moments safe, backed up and secured so that we never loose them? Is it possible to have that piece of mind? It is and believe it or not its available with but, a single app…..
In this day and age we have so many different devices all carrying our photos and precious memories, all with their own in built backups and services, distributing our photos across multiple services and creating a very difficult task of creating a central location with all our memories.
Unless every device you have is a product of Apple, all your media is distributed across multiple services. Even with Apple’s iCloud we can guarantee that you’ll easily go over the free 5GB of storage provided with your account. But, like most of us we may have a combination of an iPhone, iPad, an android tablet or phone, a Windows PC laptop or desktop and/or a MacBook or iMac. We need an application that is compatible across all platforms, automatic and easy to use…..

BEHOLD…… Google Photos.

This amazing application is all that and more, it provides us with automatic backups, unlimited storage, automatic organisation and plenty of wonderful tools that can allow you to edit photos and create that special project.
Ever wanted someone to help you organise your thousands of photos? Well here it is with ‘Assistant,’ a component of the App that organises your photos, displays the progress of backups and creates photo projects automatically such as Gifs, panoramas and custom effects.

How to Set it Up.

Set up is simple all you need to do is download the app on your device and sign in with a google account. You can create a google account with your current email address here.
To download the app for your Mac or PC you can follow this link.
And the apps for you mobile device are available at the below links:
iOS (iPhone or iPad).
Now sign in and enjoy your special memories all backed up automatically with this wonderful application.

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