managed it services

According to an article from Connectwise, Managed IT Services “allow businesses to delegate their IT operations to an expert third-party organisation that specializes in handling these responsibilities.” And with the sudden rise for businesses to upgrade their IT needs, it is has become a major concern on how they can do this without blowing budgets, performing this in a scalable and secure manner. 

Here are ways how Managed IT Services can help your business achieve success. 

Reduced Security Risk 

Cyber-attacks and threats must be a top priority with the increasing need for IT infrastructure for big and small businesses. We have a saying at Plex IT that we live by, “Secure by Design.” Having the best security systems and practices is paramount to ensure consistent and reliable services. With these in place, you can have the peace of mind that yours and your client’s data is secure. At the same time, with all these ever-present risks, regulations are continuously updating. Data protection, privacy and security are just some of the regulations your IT team needs to keep up. Having a third-party Managed Service Provider can ensure that you comply, and you and your team can focus on the more important tasks that make your business money. 

Improved Productivity 

By having an MSP handle your IT services, infrastructure, and needs, you can focus on what you do best, providing better service to your customers and improve competitiveness. You will see considerable time saving as you can delegate decisions to the external provider, ensuring the experts are at the forefront of these decisions. Having Managed IT Services improves uptime for your infrastructure, translating to a more efficient and effective workplace, this is because your infrastructure is being monitored 24/7. From there our team completes proactive work in accordance with the monitoring alerts, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. 

Scalable IT System 

As your business grows, your IT needs increase. With Managed IT Services, you can have an IT system that can be scaled according to your changing needs. These scalable resources can be increased on demand. Your IT systems and business can easily handle growth and constantly perform as expected.  

Higher Revenue 

By having an organised method of setting up your IT infrastructure, you can be assured that you are making it cost-efficient for your business. As you improve productivity and service, you also increase your customer reachas well as your revenue. With a trusted MSP handling your IT system, you are making your IT investment an asset for your business. 

Experienced Experts as your Partner 

With proven experts managing your IT needs, you can have a trusted partner help build and improve your business operations. You can be assured that someone will always attend to your IT concerns and that you will get support as soon as you need it. Having an external partner means you get access to an array of qualified experts. You can access expertise on demand rather than employing individuals at a higher rate or not utilising them to their full capacity.  

Plex IT’s Managed IT Services can help you set deploy enterprise grade IT systems and security. We will teach you how to maximise your IT and make your IT investment an asset to your business. Inquire NOW at [email protected]!