backup data solution


Within the technological ecosystem, disasters can strike anywhere, anytime. As we have seen with recent news events even the largest most well-guarded organisations are not impervious to catastrophe. At Plex IT we believe that having the right backup solution is one of the best IT investments an organisation can make. It is an added insurance policy that in any case of ransomware, device failures, human errors or natural disasters, you can have the peace of mind that your important data are still available. 

A data backup solution is a system where you can save a digital copy of system data and safely store it in an on-premise storage device and online cloud infrastructure, providing you the ability to restore in the event of data loss or failure within your production environment. When scoping out a backup plan the below considerations must be examined: 

  • Frequency – This is how often you want a backup taken. The backup window dictates restorability. If frequency is set to 1 hour, someone creates a folder at 10 am and deletes the whole folder at 11:30 am, the data is recoverable. It would not be so idaily frequency were set. 
  • Retention – This is how long you would like your backups to be stored for. Some industries have specific compliance regulations i.e., 7 years for financial services. Would you be within compliance with regulatory standards if you lost customer data because you were not storing old enough versions of the data? Remember, the average time to detect a data breach is 206 days. 
  • Offsite Replication and Retention – How often would you like your data to be replicated to the cloud? And how long would you like your cloud backups to be stored for? 
  • Restore Expectations – What are the restored expectations for a backup? How many minutes/hours/days are acceptable for organisation downtime? 

All these factors need to be considered when designing a suitable backup plan and taking a cheaper option can leave an organisation vulnerable at a crucial point in time. Let us explore the benefits of having a well-designed and scoped out backup plan: 

Easier Data Versioning 

Getting a reliable backup solution, an IT services provider can help you with data versioning with less or no errors and correctly backup your business data. This can really assist when human error occurs and can save individuals and organisations considerable time in recreating documents and data. 


By having a reliable backup and business continuity plan you can certainly give assurance to your clients that service will continue even during downtimes and their files are safe from data loss. Building your credibility and reliability as a brand. 

Security and Recovery 

Backups can protect your data from loss due to outages and downtimes, viruses, hackers, and data corruption. By setting the right frequency and encrypting the files, you can rest easy knowing that it is safe and available. During computer or IT infrastructure failure, you still have peace of mind. 

IT Resource 24/7 

When you get a third-party resource to handle the set-up and management of your backup system, you and your team can focus on more important tasks. Aside from being sure that it is being set up properly, you also have an IT resource that will help and guide you and your team without the struggle of understanding technical terms. 

Plex IT can set you up with infrastructure and cloud backups such as Office 365 backups. You can now protect your files from ransomware, human errors: like accidental deletion and technical errors: like data corruption. You and your team can now easily access, restore and secure your business data. Contact us to learn more.